Easy conference room scheduling

We have three conference rooms at our Blacksburg office and they are in great demand often scheduled from early in the morning until late in the evening. There are a lot of recurring meetings like the weekly operations meeting or the monthly product strategy meeting. To help us keep track of conference room schedules, we set up mailboxes with their calendars so that everyone can see when a room is available and sign up for a free time.
On Friday the 12th of December, we added support for resource mailboxes for our Hosted Exchange 2007 customers. Resource mailboxes are a special kind of mailbox that automatically accepts invites to events as long as no schedule conflict exists. As an Exchange customer, I can see a resource like a conference room or a projector (also in hot demand in Blacksburg) when I use the scheduling assistant built into Outlook 2007. It is easy to find a time when the resource is available along with the other Exchange users I’m inviting to a meeting. When I send the invite to the other attendees, the invite also goes to the resource mailbox and blocks out the time for our event.
If you are an administrator and have other Exchange users, you can set up a new resource mailbox by logging into the control panel, clicking on “Add/Edit Mailboxes,” and then choosing “Resources” from the submenu.
One more thing, unlike many other email hosting providers we’ve chosen to make these resource mailboxes free of charge.

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