eCommerce and Hosting – a Match Made in Internet Heaven

Author: Adrianna Bustamante, Channel Manager

eCommerce and cloud computing are, in short, a match made in Internet Heaven.  eCommerce, at its core, relies on the ability to conduct commerce of all kinds online.  This is centered on payment transactions such as the ability to buy sporting event and music tickets, or buying your new favorite outfit online.

If you’re like me, you know the most frustrating thing about the whole experience is when all you want to do is finish your shopping and make the purchase and then it takes forever to load or process the payment or worse yet, it crashes in the middle of doing so.  So it’s no surprise that speed and available compute resources are among the most important aspects of running a successful eCommerce platform.  As data traffic increases, the availability of both of these resources dwindles.  In the cloud, eCommerce organizations can scale resources as they need them, on demand, meaning when there’s a peak in service or shopping (can anyone say Cyber Monday?), eCommerce companies running cloud can quickly spin up servers in the cloud to handle additional requests, and spin them down when the need is gone.

Which leads us to another major factor in eCommerce – downtime.  Yes, sometimes it happens.  But for organizations that fail to properly plan their hosting needs, it can happen a lot and in eCommerce that inability to process transactions means lost money, every minute that goes by.  By adjusting the computing resources on the fly and using a hosting solution that provides advanced monitoring and support to fix problems when they occur, eCommerce companies can be assured that their transactions won’t be compromised by a lack of resources.

At Rackspace, we love eCommerce (heck, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s top of mind!) – it’s an exciting and growing industry and it makes what we do as web hosters’ critical for their success.

To help us get there, we also work very closely with a leading eCommerce platform provider, Magento, which powers online storefronts for companies of all sizes.  Rackspace hosts a large percentage of Magento’s customers in North America as well – helping to ensure their websites have the resources they need, when they need them.

This week executives from the Rackspace Hosting Partner Program are headed to Los Angeles to participate in the Magento imagine eCommerce Conference where leaders in eCommerce will come together to learn about best practices and industry trends.  There are some great speakers lined up, like the President of Nordstrom’s, COO of and former COO of Zappos.  Rackspace will be on hand to share some of its own best practices for hosting, in a talk-session called “Make Sure Your Online Doors Stay Open:  Building a Rock Solid eCommerce Platform,” where we’ll talk about:

  • The importance of customer or Fanatical Support in eCommerce (hey, the customer is always right, right?)
  • How eCommerce organizations can focus on running their businesses and not on keeping IT tenants spinning, by working with partners and cloud providers – like Magento and Rackspace – to keep their online doors open, 24/7
Before leaving in 2016, Angela ran integrated marketing campaigns for Rackspace. She started in 2003 and did everything from Linux support, account management, sales, product marketing and marketing. She left Rackspace in 2005 to work for PEER 1 Hosting but returned in 2009 because she was interested in the cloud computing movement. Angela is a strong believer in the power of storytelling.


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