Ecommerce Re-platforming: Tips For Success

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Lizetta Staplefoote | January 13, 2014 3:00 pm

Ecommerce sites re-platform about every three to four years and, according to a Forrester survey[1], over half of ecommerce operators queried plan to re-platform this year.

What’s driving the charge to transform?

Success Tips for Your Next Ecommerce Re-platforming Project

Say you’ve decided to re-platform, here are some tips to make the project a success:

If you’re embarking on or planning an ecommerce re-platforming project, read through the “Ecommerce Re-Platforming Basics”[2] whitepaper for more guidance and tips to make your new platform launch a success.

For more resources on ecommerce hosting and platforms, visit[3] or contact one of our ecommerce hosting experts to discuss your needs.

This week, Rackspace will be attending the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention[4] (Retail’s Big Show, #NRF14) in New York City. We look forward to seeing you there!    

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