Ecommerce Superstar Corra’s Q&A With Rackspace

When it comes to delivering high-performing ecommerce solutions for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and retailers, digital agency Corra is in a class of its own.

And when it comes to delivering exceptional customer support across the world’s leading technologies, Rackspace too stands apart from the pack.

So it made sense this week that Corra Marketing Copywriter Sasha Butkovich sat down with Rackspace Magento Practice Lead Justin McSheehy to talk about what Rackspace brings to the world of ecommerce and how it sets us apart.

In the interview, McSheehy describes the managed cloud offerings Rackspace provides and what they can do for online retailers:

“We understand that retailers are focused on running their business, and rightly so. The last thing they want to deal with is trying to figure out how to scale Magento or MySQL across multiple servers to keep up with traffic as it surges. We look after their technology stack, so they can focus on their business and capturing revenue. Our Managed Cloud products are aimed to do just that: remove the complexity of running these applications in the Cloud.”

From there, the Q&A session moves on to the Magento ecommerce platform specifically; Rackspace is Magento’s only Platinum Hosting partner.

“…we were awarded the Spirit of Excellence Award for Hosting Partners in 2015. Ecommerce is a major focus area within Rackspace, and with this commitment and focus we are able to achieve a high degree of quality of service.”

McSheehy also talks about Fanatical Support for AWS, which Rackspace launched in 2015 as an extension of the same outstanding customer support Rackspace has become famous for, now for Amazon’s public cloud:

“…It is well known that AWS has some of the most advanced Cloud features and we are now blending that technology with the industry-leading human expertise at Rackspace. We can take all the award-winning knowledge we have learned in supporting Magento and apply it to the AWS Cloud and build highly scalable, fault-tolerant environments that are second to none.”

The interview goes on to discuss the recent launch of Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager and the upcoming launch of a similar managed service for Magento. Addtionally, McSheehy discusses Fanatical Support in-depth, with a full explanation of the Rackspace Fanatical Jacket, as well as other exciting things on the horizon for Rackspace.

Read the full article for more details, and check out the video below to find out more about how Rackspace works with Corra to get the most out of Magento.

Abe Selig worked as a senior writer for Rackspace until 2018. He developed, wrote and edited content for the Rackspace blog and other outlets within the company. He ghostwrote external articles for executives, and supported the media and social and analyst relations teams. Abe is an Austin native with a background in journalism; he enjoys music, dogs and being outside. You can find him on LinkedIn.


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