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For many organizations with larger IT needs, application integration with Active Directory is essential to streamline operations and save valuable time. Why manage your users in two places when you can do it in one?

Rackspace’s Directory Sync service, which is available to select new and existing customers through a preview program (beta), will automatically update your Hosted Exchange or Rackspace Email accounts with your Active Directory users. What does this mean for you?

  • Users will enjoy remembering only one password for their local network access and their email accounts
  • IT administrators benefit by adding and managing users in their Active Directory and using Directory Sync to manage their mailboxes
  • For many larger organizations, a Directory Sync service can save considerable effort and time when onboarding new employees and managing password policies
  • You can access the Directory Sync service at no additional cost

For more information or to be considered for the preview program, email

To use Directory Sync:
Administrators can install Directory Sync on their own servers and register it with their Email & Apps account. The service runs in the background to synchronize mailboxes automatically, without intervention.

Directory Sync registration only requires your Email & Apps credentials to get started.

Please note this preview program (beta) is for direct customers only. Directory Sync will be available to all customers, including resellers, in summer 2013.

Brooke Jackson is a product marketing manager for Rackspace Private Cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure Stack, Hyper-V and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She has been a Racker since 2009 and has more than 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. Brooke earned her BS and MBA from Virginia Tech, and lives in Blacksburg, VA with her family. You can find Brooke on LinkedIn.


  1. I would like to inquire more information about the directorysync beta that will be rolling out this summer. I have a Email domain hosted with and I am starting to use the free Sharepoint website that is included with my Email service. Will Directorysync be available to me as an “add-on” to my sharepoint site? If so, I would like to be notified when the Directorysync service becomes available. Any other information you can provide would be welcomed.

    • Hi Ryan,
      The Directory Sync service will be able to sync your SharePoint password to the directory password the same as it will with email. This should keep your user’s passwords in-sync. I’m not sure I understand what else you mean by “add-on to your sharepoint site”…drop me and email and lets chat about it in more details (brooke.jackson at I’m happy to send you more info on the service as well if you’re interested.

  2. We’re very excited to see this roll out! Is there going to be an additional per-mailbox charge for the service, like with Mobile Sync?

  3. Hi Eric,

    The Directory Sync service will be available at no additional cost to customer, so you will not be billed or receive any per mailbox charges for Directory Sync.

    • Hi Charles,

      Yes, this will be possible with Directory Sync! We use a set of security groups you create inside your AD, which will allow you to manage the select users with Rackspace mailboxes. Of course, we would prefer you use us for all your email service needs 🙂

  4. Looks like a great tool; does it accommodate those of us who have some employees on Hosted Exchange and some on Rackspace Mail?

  5. Yea!

    Will this help when a user adds contacts to Lync too? Currently we have to type complete email address before a match is made.

  6. I have multiple domains on Rackspace and a single domain in Active Directory. Can I set certain organizational units in Active Directory to certain domains in Rackspace?

  7. At last 🙂

    I use to have a local Exchange Server, now I am using hosted exchange & rackspace emails. Employees are frustrated because of the two passwords thing. This is going to be a relief.

    • Directory Sync will work for you. During setup, you’ll choose both your local AD domain and your email domain to sync.

  8. I have a question. Just a wish on a star really. Will this allow syncing of public folders with mobile devices?

  9. Yes, the Directory Sync service will work for both Rackspace Hosted Exchange and Rackspace Email.

    At release it will sync one email domain with one Active Directory. A future release will include the availability to sync multiple email domains with one Active Directory.

    Directory Sync will not sync with Lync or public folders mobile devices. It will also not support Open Directory. If this is a request we start to hear often, we’ll definitely consider it.

    Thanks for all of your questions and keep them coming.

  10. We don’t currently have Active Directory, but we do use MIT Kerberos as our common authentication source across many applications. Is there, or will there be, any way to use our Kerberos authentication with the Rackspace Exchange service? Ideally, what we would like to be able to do is to have RS Exchange trust our Kerberos realm for the authentication of users in our domain. I am not optimistic that this is supportable from the Microsoft side, as they’re not famous for liking to integrate with open systems, but it’s worth asking. Alternatively, could we go the other direction, and have the Kerberos part (and/or LDAP, or Active Directory as a whole) of our Rackspace services exposed as an authentication source for our other apps?

  11. Hi,

    I am really looking forward to this roll out but was wanting to know if like many other companies with a similar setup as ourselves,

    We use both Rackspace accounts and also Outlook accounts supplied by Rackspace, Will this rollout give all accounts the same functionality as in being able to see company address books for Rackspace account holders as Outlook accounts already have this very useful function.

    We also have a number of different domains, will it be able to support them all or just one main domain ?



  12. I have many clients who use rackspace for email so this is a welcome and needed solution. Can you explain further on how the process would be to create a rackspace exchange acct with AD integration? And in AD, if we disable or delete an account, how does it affect the associated mailbox?


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