Email Marketing: The Right Way to Send Bulk Email

As an email hosting company, our customers and prospects are always asking us if they can send bulk email through our email hosting system. But in order to protect the integrity of our network, and because we don’t currently support things like one-click unsubscribe, bounced messages, and other features needed to be CAN-SPAM compliant, we’ve always said no. And our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) backs up that stance.
We’re not the only email company or ISP to have a strict AUP, and for good reason. But the reality is that businesses still want to communicate with customers, prospects, vendors, partners, etc., via email. They want to be able to send emails to a lot of people at one time. And I’m not talking about spammers. In fact, even here at Webmail, we’ve run up against our own AUP and we’ve had to concoct crazy one-off solutions just to be able to email our customers.
So without further ado, I would like to formally announce that we’re currently developing the first version of our email marketing service, codenamed Outreach. As per our normal way of doing things, we plan to release version 1.0 and then continue to improve the service from there. This service will be completely legitimate and we’re going to be very strict about what can and cannot be sent out (i.e., spam, of any sort, will not be tolerated and will not make it out of our system).
In the coming weeks, I will post more details as to the features that will be included in version 1.0, as well as the associated pricing. In the meantime, please feel free to comment on this blog or add ideas to Idea Central to let us know what you would like to see built into this service. You can also email us directly if you’d like an early version of the service.

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