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Empowering Our Partners To Be Hybrid Cloud Specialists

2014 is a big year for our Partner Network as we sharpen our partners’ expertise in the hybrid cloud to assist them in becoming cloud specialists. To do that, we’re refreshing and simplifying our Partner Network to make it more competitive and providing more opportunities to learn the latest cloud and hybrid technologies.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Will Knight, Rackspace’s new Vice President of Partner Sales. I’m charged with streamlining Rackspace’s partner program to ensure our partners get the most out of it.

A bit about me: I’ve built successful partner programs in the past and have more than two decades of experience in IT sales, marketing and channel strategy roles. Before coming to Rackspace I was at Microsoft, where I held various partner- and customer-facing positions in the U.S., China and Singapore; most recently I was responsible for the partner ecosystem and SMB sales in Asia Pacific.

At Rackspace, I’m responsible for overall partner sales and for building strategic partner relationships and competitive partner programs with incentives to drive profitable growth with partners.

So what do I mean when I say we’ll simplify the program?

We’re adjusting around our partners’ needs as much as possible. Through our refreshed Partner Network, we’ll map our programs to our partners’ specific business models to help them achieve success while we remain competitive in the market. We want to help our partners grow their businesses, both through financial incentives and non-monetary benefits.

Our enhanced Partner Network means that our partners choose the activities that are the best fit for their specific needs. It also means they’re rewarded more easily for their efforts.

Developments around technologies like OpenStack, hybrid cloud and managed virtualization – along with specific workloads such as ecommerce, web content management and mobility (check out Rackspace Digital) – are presenting our partners with massive opportunities in the market. To take advantage of these opportunities, we’re assisting our partners in becoming specialists, allowing them to differentiate themselves to their customers.

As specialists ourselves, Rackspace can support partners through technology shifts and changes. This means they focus less on their infrastructure and the technologies involved, and more on the solutions they’re building for their customers. Our partners and their customers want high-performance, low-latency and no-downtime solutions, and we’re here to provide that for them.

In addition, the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud opens the door for flexibility and agility, and it gives our partners and customers the best fit solution for their specific needs in the public cloud, private cloud, dedicated hosting and hybrid environments. The ability to offload IT activities to Rackspace – either directly or through a partner – frees companies up to focus on strategic initiatives and explore projects that will build the business.

At Rackspace, we vow to provide Fanatical Support in all we do and treat fellow Rackers like friends and family – those are two of our core values. The same values extend to our partners. We want our partnership to be a catalyst for profitable growth and deliver an outstanding experience.

Stay tuned as we lay out the plans for our Partner Network, along with ways our partners and their customers can benefit from our hybrid cloud solutions and our team of specialists and Fanatical Support.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Will Knight.

Will Knight is an international business leader with over 20 year of experience in the IT industry with extensive experience in sales & marketing, Asia Geo expansion, channel strategies, and change management initiatives.

Mr. Knight joined Microsoft in 1999 and spent his first 8 years in Seattle working in product management, business development and marketing. In 2007, he moved to China and held a variety of roles in customer marketing, Tele operations, and channel management, helping to dramatically grow the customer, partner and sales base during his 3.5 years in the subsidiary.

Mr. Knight relocated to Singapore in 2011 as the Cloud Sales and Geo Expansion Lead for Asia Pacific. During his tenure in this position, he more than doubled the business in the first year and expanded operations throughout Southeast Asia. In 2012, Mr. Knight assumed the position of Small and Medium Business Leader for Asia Pacific, managing the sales, marketing, and channel management for SMB in Asia Pacific.

Most recently, Mr. Knight joined Rackspace as VP of Channel Sales responsible for competitive platforms and programs to create incremental revenue opportunities and drive profitable growth with partners.

Mr. Knight received his MBA in Marketing and Operations from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and his undergraduate degree from Boston University in Architecture. He also attended an executive MBA program at London Business School in strategic management and leadership.

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