Empowering Your Cloud Revolution with the Rackspace Partner Program

Filed in by Angela Bartels | March 1, 2011 10:01 am

Today we’re pleased to announce an improvedĀ  Rackspace Partner Program[1]. Enhancements include:

*The unification of our four programs into one global partner experience

*Access to a broad range of additional hosted services

*A centralized portal for relationship management

*An integrated compensation structure and tiered benefits for various program levels

This is an initiative that our channel team has been working hard on for months, creating an integrated partner program that makes it easier than ever for our partners to provide Rackspaceā€™s industry-leading hosting and cloud computing services and solutions to their customers. Click here to read Robert Fuller’s, VP of Worlwide Channel Sales, full post[2]. Also, check out the video below.

Rackspace Channel Partner Program[3] from Rackspace Hosting[4] on Vimeo[5].

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