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1-800-961-2888 Webinar Recap: Setup a Powerful Video Workflow in the Cloud

EncodingThanks to everyone for participating in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner webinar on deploying a video platform in minutes. Click here to view the presentation.

As many of you know, building a video platform to manage and deliver video for web and mobile consumption can be very daunting and expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be.

In this webinar presented by Jeff Malkin and Gregg Heil from, you will learn how to deploy a super-simple and very cost effective video platform enabling you to store and serve video to anyone on any device. Leveraging the Rackspace Cloud and encoding presets from, you’ll be up and running in minutes with a solution that will have your CTO and your CFO smiling.

Key Points we discussed in the presentation include:

  • Why the “Cloud Video” workflow will save you time, money and headaches
  • Step-by-step instructions to quickly connect your Cloud Files container with
  • How to utilize presets to prepare video for ALL popular web and mobile devices
  • Hot industry trends you should consider when planning your video workflow
  • Feel free to send any follow-on questions to

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