Storage Engines, Encryption at Rest and Disaster Recovery with ObjectRocket MongoDB

The Rackspace data team is kicking off 2016 with its strongest ObjectRocket for MongoDB offering to date.

ObjectRocket for MongoDB simplifies application development by offering pre-configured, high performance and highly available MongoDB instances in the cloud, which automatically scale.

While 2015 saw the introduction of Dedicated ObjectRocket for MongoDB, as well as extended storage capabilities with the addition of WiredTiger, the features we’re rolling out to start the new year build on that momentum while continuing to deliver the best data-as-a-service solutions backed by Fanatical Support.

That support now extends to additional storage engine capabilities, security and encryption concerns as well as disaster recovery – areas where our customers have asked us for help.

We’ve answered that call, and as we continue to support their individual data journeys while allowing them to focus on their businesses (as opposed to their data stores), we’re proud to announce the following additions to ObjectRocket for MongoDB:

Storage Engines

Businesses that find themselves with workloads which are either high performance, highly concurrent or value compression will be relieved to know that we’re taking storage engines seriously.

Storage engines are one of the most exciting developments within MongoDB 3.0, as they provide significant enhancements to performance, efficiency (i.e., compression, concurrency) and scalability by serving as an interface between the MongoDB server and physical disk.

It’s for this reason that our MongoDB-as-a-service with support for MongoDB 3.0 offers Fanatical Support for both MMAP and WiredTiger, providing the ideal storage engine for businesses that need to support a variety of workloads with different access patterns and price or performance profiles.

ObjectRocket is also the first data-as-a-service to offer WiredTiger. As we look to add additional pluggable storage engines over time, such as RocksDB, we’ll continue to support WiredTiger and MMAP.


Once a company’s data is stored, their focus often shifts to security. Who or what is going to keep all of that information safe?

Encryption-at-rest is one of the most commonly accepted methods for keeping inactive data protected, and ObjectRocket is the only Mongo provider to offer it. Our fully managed encryption-at-rest solution is ideal for companies looking to solve encryption, gain additional database administration support and add 24-hour monitoring to their databases.

ObjectRocket for MongoDB offers encrypted block devices on PCI express flash cards with a negligible performance hit. Key management is handled in house, meaning keys are isolated in hardened, replicated key vaults. When used, each key is held in memory just long enough to decrypt the data and immediately purge it, making this ideal for businesses with security or compliance needs.

This new feature encrypts MongoDB servers and backups, while SSL provides transport security.

Disaster Recovery

In addition to security considerations, many companies have unmet disaster recovery (DR) needs, particularly if they do not currently have plans and procedures in place to recover their data, should the need arise.

Businesses of all sizes need thorough DR planning and configuration to ensure business continuity and the safety of their critical data, despite any natural or human-induced disaster that may threaten it.

Dedicated ObjectRocket for MongoDB now provides enterprise-level support for DR, including a full mesh network across our Rackspace data centers to provide reliable interconnectivity, as well as engineers on deck 24×7 to assist with planning, configuration, maintenance, testing and most importantly, real life failover/failback support and coordination.

Regularly testing and monitoring DR preparations can be challenging for businesses that choose to go at it alone. With Fanatical Support backing our DR for MongoDB solution, the testing and monitoring are taken care of by Rackers, freeing you up to focus on your business.

While this offering is currently available to dedicated customers, we plan to roll it out for multi-tenant customers in the future.

Leave Data to the Experts

All of these technologies – from storage to security to DR – are complex and difficult to maintain, all the more so when massive amounts of critical data are at stake.

While some of these solutions may be available in a number of DIY models, leveraging Rackspace Fanatical Support to assist your MongoDB experience is the best way to harness these powerful, yet complicated technologies for your business, while leaving the most difficult work to our team of DBAs and Mongo experts.

Let us make MongoDB work for you, while you keep working on your business.

Start your 30 day free trial and experience fully managed MongoDB backed by Fanatical Support.

Kyle Hunter was the product marketing manager for ObjectRocket solutions at Rackspace. He is a seasoned IT professional with an long-standing record of driving technical vision, future roadmaps, architecture, strategic planning, software development, product management and product marketing. Kyle’s focus and expertise in new data platforms has positioned him as a go-to resource for users looking to implement large scale data platforms successfully.


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