Engaging Captive Audiences As Easy As OneTwoSee

Developer helps media and consumer partners monetize targets

Sponsorship is so much more than “logo-slapping.”

Just because a big corporate logo is all over your favorite team’s arena doesn’t necessarily mean that the big corporation in question is activating its sponsorship effectively.

To engage target audiences, savvy sports marketers are constantly looking for deeper ways to reach people than mere signage.

OneTwoSeeTM provides licensed, white-labeled products that help some of the biggest names in sports rise to the challenge of activating strong partnerships in entertainment, media and sports.

The Philadelphia-based developer believes itself to be “fan engagement technology” company, and primarily develops game products branded for customers and hosted on Rackspace infrastructure.

“Our products and applications are designed to give our partners the ability to engage and monetize their audience through any screen,” said Clay Simmons, Senior Developer/Architect at OneTwoSee.

OneTwoSee partners include regional and national sports networks, newspaper publishers, consumer electronic companies, online portals, teams and stadium owners. Notable customers include major media companies, such as Fox Sports and Bloomberg, and OEMs, like Samsung and LG.

The goal is to develop experiences that run on their connected smart hardware. “If you were to go to the Fox Sports MLB scores page and click one of the game chips, it would launch our game tracker experience,” said Simmons. “We also work with cable providers who want the same type of experience as on their regular set-top boxes. If you buy a Samsung SmartTV, it’s going to come embedded with our NFL application.”

“We’ve built everything from the ground up using Rackspace from day one.” said Simmons. “The biggest thing we like about it is the support. If we have a problem, there’s always a number we can call and actually talk to somebody who can help us. Generally, with other cloud providers you don’t have that avenue to pursue when you have an issue.

“Most of our stuff is built using Web technologies and JavaScript. We have this data services layer that powers all of our applications. It’s just an API layer that delivers JSON. We power that with a single OnMetal instance. I needed some help tuning the network so I called Rackspace support. Their expert helped me solve that problem and documented everything that he did, so I now have a reference.”

Simmons describes an exclusive experience OneTwoSee helps make possible for owners of Samsung smart TVs made in 2013 and on:

“Say you’re watching football. Automatic Content Recognition will prompt you, asking ‘would you like to watch our augmented NFL experience?’ When you agree, it launches our over-the-top application.”

While the broadcast itself never goes away, you’ll see the main game stats, showing you the quarter-by-quarter box score, and how much time is left. You can use the keypad on your remote to cycle through other lenses that give you content such as a drive chart for the current drive. You can also see time of possession, turnovers, passing, rushing and receiving stats. Users may also view scores of other games.

“Maybe you don’t have the right package to see a certain game, but you still want to follow along,” said Simmons. “There’s even a tool for those who have a Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football team to log in and follow along with their fantasy team.”

OneTwoSee is proud of its ability to help clients deliver activated experiences tied to the excitement of pro sports. The company has big plans to continue in this vein, developing social sports trivia games that run on a TV but also allow people in the room to attach their mobile devices to, and play along.

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