Enterprise Cloud Forum: Maximize ROI In This New Cloud World

Traditional ROI models only focus on simple cost benefits and overlook the real value of cloud. So how are we supposed to calculate and maximize ROI in this new cloud world?

In the latest installment of the Enterprise Cloud Forum, Stacy Williams, Director of IT Production Support, and I recently discussed how enterprises are leveraging a cloud business model to maximize ROI.

Click here for access to the presentation and mp3 recording of the discussion, in which Stacy and I answered these key questions:

  • How should we think of ROI differently in the cloud?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your Return on Cloud?
  • How can we integrate project-based accounting for real-time ROI?
  • How does the cloud enable first mover advantage to maximize profits?

And, be sure to join us on May 21 when three C-level Rackers – Suaad Sait, CMO; Steve Mills, CIO; and Karl Pichler, CFO – challenge the status quo and discuss their shifting roles in a cloud world. Register now.


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