Enterprise Cloud Strategy – There Can Be Only One

In every conversation I have with enterprise cloud customers they use the words public, private and hybrid to describe the projects or phases of projects they’re considering. It’s fantastic that people are finally thinking about how they will use the different types of resources available. But this mindset of “many clouds” in your enterprise is flawed. I’m not the first person by a long shot to say this, but it bears repeating because most enterprises aren’t listening.

The market— vendors, analysts, etc— has conditioned buyers to think about the cloud as three or more separate projects and buying decisions. There are even more if they separate them by cloud vendor or technology choices.

Let me be clear:

Don’t think about your enterprise cloud strategy as different pools of resources from different providers or technologies. Build and deliver ONE cloud to your users.

Think about the cloud as the attributes it provides that you and your users care about. (Go back and read blog posts from the last decade if you aren’t sure what they are.) Then, plan how you will make the pools of resources with different characteristics available to your users in various locations and as transparently as possible. Do you need security? The cloud offers that, but the resources might be on-premise. Do you need to be in a specific geography? The cloud can do that, too, but it might be with a specific public provider. Do you need specific performance attributes? The cloud makes that possible, but it might be spread across on-prem and public resources to meet your needs. Your users need to see the cloud as one thing, and you need the governance to make that possible.

So when an enterprise user asks, “Where should I put this app?” your answer should be: “the cloud” – not “cloud No. 5.” You should have the tools and processes wrapped around your implementations to make sure that answer actually works.

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