Rackspace Business Productivity Rx: Escape to Productivity

Another email alert has popped up on your screen; you just left a meeting and have another one in an hour. And your mind shifts with the tide of conversation filling the cube farm. Are you going to have to come in on the weekend again to get things done?

At Rackspace, we know how hard it can be to get your work done with a constant bombardment of distractions. Here are some methods our teams use to maximize output:

Email Time—Managing email can easily consume 40% of your day, and the constant notifications of new messages and social media updates makes the effect on productivity much worse. Set aside specific times for managing email and social media. Perhaps only review messages first thing each morning or three times per day, and close related applications except during those sessions.
Meeting Scheduling—Developers and creative talent require a high level of focus. It can take as much as 20 minutes to recover from a lengthy distraction and regain that focus level. Meetings spread throughout the day, every day, are a productivity killer. Schedule meetings only during one part of the day or only on a couple specific days of the week and stay consistent.
Flee the Farm—There may be times when you have to escape from the cube farm to get stuff done. Our developers will often migrate to empty conference rooms, guest offices, or work from home to get the peace they need to be productive. We also use an offsite “stealth” office for teams that need absolute focus for big projects. Escape from the farm when you need to focus in and get it done.

All of these tips may not be viable for your specific role or organization, but we hope that they help you get more done without costing you your weekend.


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