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We’ve Acquired Exceptional Cloud Services!

We are excited to announce that we have acquired Exceptional Cloud Services and its suite of developer solutions, including error tracking and Redis-as-a-Service capabilities. This acquisition continues to enhance our toolset for developers deploying and managing applications on the open cloud.

There are a number of reasons we are excited to bring Exceptional Cloud Services into the Rackspace family. Here are four:

1. The Products

Exceptional offers a deep portfolio of developer-focused tools, including for error tracking in web applications; for collecting and aggregating errors generated by other applications; and Redis To Go for easy Redis instance management.

2. The Users

The offerings are used by more than 50,000 app developers! Its customers include startups like StickerMule and HowAboutWe, and large companies like Exec, Groupon, HotelTonight, Oracle, TaskRabbit and Zendesk, all of which use these technologies to enhance their development, troubleshooting and Big Data applications.

3. The Team

This acquisition brings with it an incredibly talented team led by CEO Jonathan Siegel, who co-founded RightScale, RightCart and ELC Technologies. Siegel and his crew bring a wealth of developer tooling experience with them to Rackspace and extend our mission to serve developers.

4. The Technology

We are adding key technologies to our open cloud that boost our focus on the developer community as we grow our cloud portfolio. Exceptional’s technologies give us the tools and expertise to help startups and cloud developers bring their cloud-based apps to market faster.

Exceptional Cloud Services’ collection of technologies joins other key acquisitions we have made in the past several months to fortify our commitment to developers. Previous acquisitions include Mailgun, a programmable email platform, and ObjectRocket, a scalable and high-performing MongoDB database as a service.

I want to welcome Jonathan and his team to Rackspace and I look forward to working together to help developers build great things on the open cloud.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Kevin Minnick.

Kevin Minnick is an entrepreneur, product manager, software developer, learner and achiever.

Minnick was a co-founder of Blacksburg, Va. start-up, a business-class email hosting provider. Kevin took the lead on all software development initiatives including building a Linux based email hosting platform.

Over the next four years Pat, Bill, and Kevin grew into the industry leader in business email hosting. In August of 2007 the founders led a hugely successful merger between and Rackspace Hosting.

Kevin continued to work for Rackspace as the Vice President of Research and Development in the Email and Apps division. He led a team of over 100 people in the Blacksburg office before moving to Rackspace headquarters in fall of 2010 as the Vice President of Product Management for Cloud.

Kevin holds a Computer Science degree from Virginia Tech. Kevin's favorite topics revolve around Cloud Computing, product management, software development, start-ups, marketing and the business of software. Kevin's hobbies include reading, golf and programming.

Kevin resides in San Antonio, Texas where he shares the joys and challenges of raising two children, Jordan and Andrew, with his wife Velvet.

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