Apple Admits Exchange Still Runs Business

Snow Leopard was just released last week. Lots of deep technical goodies included, but one main benefit to users: the Mac is now fully Exchange compatible.  Wait, I thought Exchange was dead? Even Apple admits that Exchange is winning in corporate America.  It works. It is installed. It is advancing.

I have discussed before the impact Google will have on Microsoft, and the free email movement is no different. The problem with Exchange is not what it does, it’s what it costs. Period. People are not unhappy with Exchange, they just don’t like its price tag. We agree. Our offer of Exchange is $12.50/month per seat. We know this is compelling, versus running in house (another post on that in the future), but it is not cheap. And it is overkill for many users. Let me explain.

IMAP solutions today offer incredible features. Our own Rackspace Email allows full IMAP with shared calendaring, mobility sync, rich webmail, delegation, etc., all for $1/month per seat. Gmail is similar. Exchange is 1200% more. Exchange has features IMAP does not have – scheduling manager, rich sync settings, AD integration, etc. We believe you should have both. Most of your employees do not need all the features of Exchange. Just give it to those that do, give Rackspace Email to the rest.

Today, almost 50% of our Exchange customers split their employees across the two mail systems. In fact, the average business that splits puts about 80% of their users on Rackspace Email, with the remaining on Exchange. At this rate, you get an average cost per seat of less than $3.50/month. That is almost 20% less than Google Apps – all while keeping Exchange for your most demanding users.

Try it. Just to entice you, we will give you a free copy of Snow Leopard for any Exchange seat running a Mac between now and October 1st. Keep Exchange, save money. It’s possible.

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