There’s some excitement about content distribution for Cloud Files

Mosso’s been getting a lot of press over the last few days. This latest foray of press and posts is about how we’ve paired Limelight’s content delivery network with our unlimited online storage product, Cloud Files. The refreshing part is that the press and our customers really get the impact of this new offering. Here are some of the comments we found that explain how this all works in the words of  the press, bloggers, and our customers:

  • “ isn’t the only service provider offering content delivery services from the cloud. By partnering with Limelight Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), Rackspace Managed Hosting will offer CDN services through its cloud hosting division Mosso .”
    Soure: Contentinople
  • “You can activate the CDN service on any file by accessing it via the Mosso admin control panel. It makes sense for large video and audio files along with large volume sites.”
    Source: Center Networks
  • “Rackspace/Mosso’s Cloud Files now has a CDN hook similar to Amazon’s new CloudFront. Basically you store data in Cloud Files and enable the data for Limelight’s CDN. Then Limelight’s network pulls it from the closest Mosso server, caches the content within their geographically distributed network. The pricing model for Cloud Files is 15 cents per GB per month for storage and 22 cent per GB month for bandwidth.”
    Source: John Willis
  • “I’m sure that there was a famous telco ad slogan that went something like ‘the price of calling keeps on falling’. This time it is the price of putting files in the cloud that is going down.”
    Source: Network Industry Review
  • “Cloud hosting provider Mosso has announced that its scalable online storage service Cloud Files, announced last month, has been successfully integrated with Limelight Networks’ content delivery network, effectively giving Mosso a powerful CDN for rapid content delivery.”
    Source: The Web Host Industry Review

It is great to see our hard work to bring value to our customers resonating.

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