Expanding Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure

It’s been nearly a year since Rackspace announced Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure, which we launched to assist customers who want to run IaaS workloads on the powerful Azure cloud, but prefer not to architect, secure and operate them firsthand.

Our launch of this offering marked an important expansion of our strategy to offer the world’s best expertise and service on industry-leading technologies, and is a natural progression of our 14-year relationship with Microsoft.

As momentum continues to build with our Azure customers here in the U.S., we’re now pleased to offer the same service and support to an even larger customer base, with the Unlimited Availability launch of Fanatical Support for Azure across our European regions: UK, Benelux and DACH.

In addition to this expanded footprint, our service offerings are growing to include many of the Platform-as-a-Service features in Azure utilized by modern cloud applications.

We’re also enhancing the offering with the addition of two new service levels, comparable to our support for other clouds, such as Amazon Web Services. This gives our customers a uniform approach to the levels of tooling, automation and expertise they receive when they consume our services across multiple cloud platforms.

This approach becomes even more important as all cloud platforms evolve — with ongoing updates and the addition of new features — they can be challenging to adopt and manage. Azure is no different.

Since launch, our offering has aimed to ease that process by providing access to Azure experts, who can reduce this complexity and take advantage of the platform’s full potential, while keeping customers’ internal resources focused on their core business.

The two service levels within Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure — Navigator and Aviator — span the migration, architecture, security and operations needs businesses have today. These service levels will allow us to address the needs of two distinct customer groups:


For businesses interested in infrastructure support for their Azure environment, the Navigator level offers access to tools and automation capturing the best-practices knowledge of our Azure architects and engineers, as well as on-demand access to those experts as needed.


Aviator extends the benefits of Navigator to a fully-managed Azure experience, providing increased application of human expertise, fully-custom architecture design and 24x7x365 operational support, plus additional tooling incorporating best practices for your Azure environment. Aviator is our offering for customers who want a more comprehensive support experience, including guest virtual machine management. At this level, Rackspace will perform environment build and deployment activities in addition to ongoing management of virtual machines that includes monitoring, patching, troubleshooting and antivirus.

The move to the cloud is inevitable, but the choice many IT and business leaders have to make is if they will embark on their cloud journey alone, or with a trusted partner.

By enlisting Rackspace experts to support your cloud operations, you can reduce risk and focus your resources on innovation and business growth, while extracting the full value of whichever platform or platforms you decide to use.

For more information about Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure, visit: https://www.rackspace.com/azure

Jeff is a chief technologist for Rackspace. He has been working with SharePoint since the early 2003 product year and is the architect and builder of Rackspace’s SharePoint support offering. Jeff has designed and installed over 150 SharePoint farms for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms. Today he is the GM of the Rackspace Microsoft Private Cloud group.


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