Experience Design At Rackspace

At Rackspace, we are committed to imbuing our core values into the entire range of experiences around our products. In providing customers with Fanatical Support, we take into consideration a much broader range of issues than the typical software design principle of user experience. We design the experience for a complete ecosystem of people who interact with our products, and importantly, with each other.

The experience that a developer, DevOps engineer, support technician, operations manager or any other Rackspace employee has is just as important as the customer’s experience, because ultimately, it helps make the customer’s experience even better. Our systems need to be user-friendly for everyone.

We’re fanatical about the design of our products and services, and we work diligently to make sure they work as a coherent whole. We have embarked on a journey to instill our core values into every aspect of the Rackspace experience, inside and out. To achieve this, Rackspace uses a discipline called experience design.

Experience design is much more than user experience, and in this whitepaper I write about what experience design is; how it relates to our core values; why we deployed it; some of our mottos and guiding principles on design; the importance of utilizing customer feedback; some of the tools we use; and how we have organized within our business.

Check back with the blog in the near future for more of Harry’s thoughts on experience design.


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