A Truly Fanatical Opportunity: Reflections of a Summer Intern

While I was looking for internship opportunities this past spring, I looked at a lot of different options. As soon as I came across an internship opening at Rackspace, I knew it was the place for me.

I applied, and I was thrilled when I got accepted. From the first day on the job, when all newcomers take part in an orientation session called “Welcome Home,” I knew I had landed in the right place.

As a non-traditional college student, I thought I had little hope of securing an internship at Rackspace. Of course, that was before I began to understand the culture here; being unique, individual and outside the norm is embraced.

Rackspace interns don’t fetch coffee and file. Rather, we get the opportunity to impact the business as much as we can. Sure, anyone can do just enough to get by, but why on earth would you do that? I viewed my internship as an opportunity to learn, create and make new friends and connections.

Rackspace offers internships across the company — in marketing, sales, human resources and accounting, just to name a few. Interns are also encouraged to pursue opportunities in departments outside their particular assignments. Being told to go explore your strengths and curiosities with the blessing of your team leader is an amazing way to grow your skillset and branch out.

In that vein, Rackspace interns have run the gamut when it comes to taking part in company-wide initiatives — writing programs, developing recruiting campaigns, helping employees, explain equity payouts and other impactful projects.

And no discourse about an internship at Rackspace would be complete without discussing the amazing extracurricular experiences we get to enjoy. A recent volunteer event we took part in at The Assistance League was a blessing for all who participated. I know we all left feeling as if we had made a difference.

Interns are also welcomed to the company’s Open Book meetings, where employees get an upfront an honest look at the growth, success and even struggles of the business. Many of us attended department staff meetings as well, and our position as interns made no difference at all. Our input was welcomed and appreciated.

Leadership luncheons are another example of the one-of-a-kind opportunities Rackspace interns get to participate in. Getting to sit down with senior leaders at the company and learn about their interesting career paths was inspiring, and led myself and many of my fellow interns to consider (and even embrace) different paths than the ones we’re on.

Socializing outside of office hours was another spectacular benefit of an internship at Rackspace. Tubing the Guadalupe River, shopping at the outlet malls in San Marcos, going to Top Golf and two-stepping the night away at a country dance hall were just some of the fun outings we had. I’m certain the friendships and networks we’ve all established will be long-lasting.

If you’re looking for a meaningful experience rather than a run of the mill internship, look no further than Rackspace. No matter your educational focus, there’s a position that will suit your needs. The opportunity to experience, learn and leverage your experience into meaningful projects is something you won’t find anywhere else.

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Lisa Ramos is an intern at Rackspace where she works in the human resources department, specializing in global compliance. She was previously a court reporter in Bexar County, where she spent 30 years working in the criminal district courts. Lisa is currently a student at the University of Texas San Antonio, where she studies human resources management. Upon graduation, she plans to return to Rackspace, where she will continue work in the HR department.


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