Fanatical Support In Person At 3 Day Startup At MIT

During second day of the 3 Day Startup at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) yesterday, some of the young entrepreneurs got some Fanatical Support from the Rackers who are standing by to help build new businesses in just a weekend.

When the Teach for Me team needed to some server space and help launching a web site, Racker Ryan Richard jumped in. He set up a Rackspace Cloud Server and helped troubleshoot why some of the team’s code wasn’t working. That saved the team a lot of time and trouble, said Rabeea Ahmed, a young entrepreneur and computer science and astrophysics student from Harvard. Other Rackers assisted other teams throughout the day on everything from user interface design to business strategy.

The three remaining teams did some quick market research to validate and reshape their startup ideas and then practiced their pitches for tonight’s 3 Day Startup finale.

For more, check out this video:

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