Fanatical Support Promise

Each year here at Rackspace we all rally around an internal theme.  While a theme may be launched in a given year, our desire is not to forget about it the next year, but rather for it to become ingrained in our DNA.  In 2003 we wanted to make great strides in focusing on our employees and that spawned “Project Racker” (Rackers=Rackspace employees). Today, our business model is designed around our employee engagement and desire to make this the greatest place to work.  Another year we got excited about promoting  “Rock Solid Fanatical Support” in everything we do, and we worked very hard to lay a solid foundation to serve our customers.  Each goal doesn’t go away, but instead becomes a part of how we think and plan.

This year’s theme proves equally engaging: For 2008 and beyond, we want to focus on Building Customers for Life.

“Customers for Life” takes Fanatical Support beyond short-term, ticket-by-ticket service and focuses more on how we can build each customer’s business and loyalty to the Rack for the long haul.  We have created a commitment to our customers that we feel will facilitate this and named it ‘The Fanatical Support Promise.’  With The Fanatical Support Promise, we’ve made significant strides toward the Customers for Life goal by creating a Service Level Agreement customers won’t find anywhere else in the hosting industry (where average thinking is to hold customers to contracts, no matter the customer’s hardship).   This Promise is just one component of our commitment to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

We feel that The Fanatical Support Promise puts our money where our mouth is—if we don’t live up to our standards, customers can leave before their contract is up.  It’s something we’ve already been doing, but now we’re making it official.  Here’s how it works:

  • If a customer believes that we have failed to meet our promise of Fanatical Support, we’ll set up a thorough investigation and present an action plan to resolve the immediate issue and to prevent similar issues from happening.
  • The customer will have access to a manager 24×7 for issue escalation, which can also escalate to the Executive Team.
  • If the customer believes we have failed to meet the commitments of the action plan or are unhappy with the results, they may end the contract by providing 30 days written notice.

That’s it—pretty simple.  One of our core values is to “keep our promises” and if we don’t live up to our promise of Fanatical Support, then we will face the music.  If a customer feels our steps to resolution don’t get the job done, then we’ll let them find a new hosting provider…however, we’ll work our tails off to make sure it doesn’t come to that.   We are excited about this and hope our customers will be too. 

If you have any questions about The Fanatical Support Promise or anything else, please feel free to shoot me an email at

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