Fewer Folding Tables, More People

Since starting at Mailtrust as a part-time college kid four years ago, I’ve seen a lot of change here in the Blacksburg office. Back then, with only 15 employees, things were a lot different. Everyone brought their old couches to work. We only had folding tables. Ben and Brian had ancient keyboards that rattled throughout the entire office. And having dual monitors was reserved for only an elite few.

Now, with nearly 100 employees in Blacksburg and many more in San Antonio, Mailtrust has grown up a little. We have an awesome office, with real desks, lots of monitors, and even a couple TVs and a ping-pong table. And, thankfully, very few folding tables.

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  1. If anyone feels the need for nostalgia, just come to my office. I am still working on a folding table grin . I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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