Finally! Easy and Affordable VM Replication You Can Rely On

Protect your Hyper-V environments with Azure Site Recovery

When a company suffers an outage, the direct and indirect costs can be staggering. Even minimal downtime can prevent an organization from meeting customer or user needs, which in turn can harm a brand or reputation and create a loss in online revenue. A sound data protection strategy is a must when trying to protect against these types of catastrophes.

That said, implementing an effective disaster recovery solution can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. Traditional solutions often require infrastructure investment on both the source and target destination, with large upfront and monthly fees, making it difficult or downright cost-prohibitive to effectively keep your applications available.

And as is the case with many technologies, the in-house or DIY approach is often disruptive, and takes valuable resources out of the IT department, where they could — and should — be focused on the core business.

That’s why Rackspace now offers Cloud Replication for Hyper-V, a new service that forms the cornerstone for a successful disaster recovery strategy. The solution, powered by Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Azure and Azure Site Recovery, provides affordable VM replication and failover to ensure our customers have access to their applications in the case of service interruption or unplanned downtime. The service is available today for customers running Microsoft Hyper-V workloads in one of our global Rackspace data centers.

We leverage Azure Site Recovery to protect your critical virtual machines by replicating them to Microsoft Azure, combining this technology with our deep expertise in managing Windows Server and Hyper-V workloads, cutting expenses and lowering risks of downtime. You get a best-in-class VM replication solution that makes it possible for an organization to recover from disruptions quickly and with minimal application downtime.

Forget the upfront and high monthly fees found with traditional replication solutions. With Cloud Replication for Hyper-V, customers only pay for virtual machines in Azure when a failover occurs. And by utilizing Rackspace’s years of Microsoft expertise, they can rest assured their replication solution is in good hands, reducing expenses and headaches.

Our Azure-certified professionals assist with capacity planning and Azure architecture to enable successful replication of virtual machines. And don’t forget about the testing! Regularly testing failover capabilities is a hugely important part of application availability, namely because environments are constantly changing and growing.

But traditional failover testing requires time, resources and planning and can put production environments at risk of becoming unavailable, or breaking replication. Azure Site Recovery solves this challenge with non-disruptive failover testing, allowing customers to spin up target environments using built-in automated workflows that can power on target environments in a controlled manner.

We help our customers with all these complex tasks, applying our expertise we’ve built up from managing thousands of environments across Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Hyper-V Server. Rackspace is a preferred Microsoft technology partner. We have more than 16 years of Microsoft experience and expertise, and we constantly help organizations with their data replication and data protection challenges. We’re the only five-time Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year, with 11 Microsoft technical competencies and over 2000 Microsoft certifications.

Want to find out more? Visit Rackspace to learn about Fanatical Support for Microsoft Hyper-V and the ways we’re helping businesses succeed with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Private Cloud and a wide array of other technology stacks.

Amanda Burkhardt joined Rackspace in 2017 as a product marketing manager for Microsoft Azure. She has roughly 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the IT industry. In her spare time, she likes cooking for friends and family and hanging out with her two rescue dogs.


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