Find The Right Infrastructure With The Windows Workload Reference Architecture Tool

Transitioning your existing physical servers into a hosted infrastructure usually isn’t as difficult as many perceive, and in the long run, moving your workloads to a managed infrastructure can spare you from frustrating IT headaches in the future. With less time spent managing your servers, you’ll have more time to focus on the core areas that give you an edge against the competition.

We do, however, recognize that getting started on this journey can be confusing. Whether you are developing a new app, looking to move Exchange or SharePoint or building/moving your website into a hosted environment, the one question we consistently get here at Rackspace is: “Exactly what infrastructure do I need to meet my specific requirements?”

To help answer that question we’ve built an easy to use online tool that’s designed to help you determine the infrastructure architecture and set of products you need to get started. This version of the tool is primarily focused on Windows-based workloads, and will help you get started with moving Exchange, SharePoint, custom Windows apps or websites into a hosted environment.

The tool is available here:

In less than one minute, you will step through a short set of questions to gather your requirements (things like security, performance, database needs, compliance, etc.) and the tool will provide you with a customized PDF of the suggested reference architecture. While these reference architectures are meant to be directional (you may need to further refine with a Rackspace Engineer), the tool is able to accommodate needs from public cloud, to private cloud, to special hybrid needs.

Give it a try and please tell us what you think. We will continue to roll out improvements over the next year and your input will help shape the direction of the tool.

Again, please check out the Windows Workload Reference Architecture Tool here:


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