Finding Folders in Webmail Lite

One thing we love is when users give us feedback. Webmail Lite is the first application
released with the ability for users to directly send us feedback, and so far
it.s going great. About a week ago I
received some feedback from someone we.ll call Bob. Bob was accessing his ISP.s email account
through IMAP, and wanted to know how he could manage his folders through
Webmail Lite.

When I first got the email, I wasn.t even sure how to answer
his question because we have changed the appearance and wording for the left
side of webmail so many times. Unfortunately, amidst all of these changes, we forgot to keep a link in
Webmail Lite to manage folders. The
functionality and page are still there, but no one knows it; so I am here to
offer some advice (a sort of hack) to those looking to manage their IMAP
folders through Webmail Lite.

If you look in the address bar of your browser, you should
notice at the end it says ./src/webmail.php.. If you want to manage your folders, simply change .webmail.php. to
.folders.php. (without the quotes.) That.s it. Once done you
can simply press the back button and you will be taken back to webmail.

Since we use webmail so much and know exactly how everything
works, sometimes we miss the small things. So if any of you have any quirks discovered or little things
you.d like to see changed, do not hesitate to let us know. You can comment here or follow any feedback
links you see in our products, we see it all.

And don.t worry, we are working to get the link back in
there somewhere, one day .

Mike Bulman

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