Five Apps for Your New iPhone

You opened your presents and were ecstatic to get the iPhone 4S.  Of course you’re going to download Facebook, Instagram and Words with Friends, but after the wrapping paper has been discarded and all the eggnog has been served, what other apps should you get?  Here are a few suggestions to get you started with your new iPhone.

1. Pinterest

This app provides a graphical way to explore topics that interest you.  “Pinners” post images and articles by pinning them boards on a range of subjects from Design to Geek and everything in between.

Simple to use and highly addicting, you will lose track of time as you flip through pinned items finding topics that pique your interest.  Find something interesting? Repin it to your board for your followers to see.

2. Star Walk

Have you ever wondered if you were looking at the North Star or confusing it with the planet Venus? Have you fumbled through constellation charts only to realize that you were looking at one for the wrong season?  Wonder no more with Star Walk.

Aspiring astronomers and hobbyists can use this app to overlay constellations over the night sky, have an arrow guide them to where Saturn is right now and even view a calendar of events.  Connect to a second display to get a larger screen for others to view the Star Walk constellation outlines.

3. Path

Users who become frustrated with the Facebook app will be drawn to the slick user interface of Path.  Designed as a simple way to record a journal of your path throughout the day, the app provides a very engaging user experience.

Your friend feed is clean, easy to consume and rich with information on what people are actually doing (there are no Farmville updates here).  Path pays attention even to the smallest detail; for example, you see dials on an analogue clock move forward and backward as you scroll through posts.

4. Postagram

Set your digital photos free with Postagram.  This app makes it effortless to create a postcard with a picture from either your local photo album or from your Instagram or Facebook account.  The app integrates with your Contacts list to easily select a person to mail the postcard to.  The cost is just $0.99 which includes the postcard and stamp.

Postagram is fun to use on trips to send friends and family personalized postcards.  Your photo will pop out of the postcard as a 3” x 3” print to have as a keepsake.  Sincerely will guarantee a successful delivery of your postcard, and they will send another one for free if it fails to arrive or shows up damaged.

5. Foodspotting

Both sophisticated foodies and those who enjoy eating out will like Foodspotting, a way to showcase what you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The app gives you the ability to post pictures and recommendations from your favorite meal and earn points as others “nom” what you ate.

Foodspotting is also a helpful in determining where to dine by allowing users to search restaurants in the vicinity and see pictures and reviews of dishes that previous people spotted.

These are some of our must have apps, what are yours?  Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Garrett Heath develops content and supports customers on the Rackspace Social Media team. His previous experience includes technical project management in the cloud, content marketing and social media marketing. He enjoys writing about how the cloud is spurring innovation and telling stories about the people behind the tech. You can also read his work at In his free time, Garrett writes about food and local San Antonio culture at SA Flavor.


  1. Very cool post, Garrett, and well-timed! Nice to see one of my favorites, Postagram in this list. I came across this in some research I did for one of my own on Postagram, where I link to your post as well:

    Forgive me if you’ve covered this already, but how about Instagram as an app for new iPhone users? I’d welcome your perspective in the comments there if you’d care to share. Thanks!


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