Five Future Cloud Trends You Need to Know About Today: Security

Welcome to the final installment of our Five Future Cloud Trends series. The first four trends we’ve talked about are mobility, 24/7 global workplace, the rise of millennials and the race to the cloud.

Our final trend — security — intersects with the other four trends and makes it possible for businesses to embrace these changes in the workplace.

Small businesses are a big target for cyber criminals. Four in 10 small businesses fall victim to a cyber attack each year, according to the most recent technology survey by the National Small Business Association.

And those attacks are often fatal: 60 percent of small businesses that experience a data breach go out of business within six months, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Given those odds, security must be a priority for every small business. But in our always-connected world, protecting your business and your customer data can no longer be delegated to a single person or effort. You must make security every employee’s responsibility and integrate it throughout all business operations.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to use productivity and collaboration tools that are integrated with best-in-breed security. With a single solution, you know your data is protected without having to rely on an additional vendors or tools to provide protection.

Microsoft Office 365, for example, has a host of features that can help harden your defenses. OneDrive for Business can be configured to encrypt and share data with only authorized employee devices, reducing the risk of sensitive data winding up in the wrong hands.

Preconfigured anti-spam protection keeps phishing emails and other malware out of your employees’ inboxes. Access management allows you to control the flow of confidential or proprietary information by restricting what documents can be saved, forwarded or printed by particular users or groups.

Access management allows you to control the flow of confidential or proprietary information by restricting what documents can be saved, forwarded or printed by particular users or groups.

As the cyber threat landscape evolves, so too must your defenses. By adopting a security mindset, you significantly increase your company’s ability to defend itself against the attacks of cyber criminals.

Sometimes owning a small business can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Over the past five parts of this series, we’ve talked about the future trends you need to know about today.The first three trends focus on the changing workforce and workplace, and the last two are related to the technology that supports these changes, but collaboration is a common theme throughout each of these future trends. And the best way to grow your small business is taking advantage of collaboration technology, such as Office 365.

Office 365 has enabled small businesses, particularly those with remote workforces, to collaborate easily. If your small business has yet to explore the opportunities offered by Office 365 backed by Fanatical Support from Rackspace, there’s no time like the present to begin examining your options.

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, it’s becoming the differentiator between many businesses and their competition. Office 365 is an excellent way to take advantage of some of the most efficient practices the cloud has to offer, including better ways to enable remote employees, share information across your workforce and become more organized. With Fanatical Support backing your Office 365 experience, you can move forward in your cloud journey with a trusted partner, helping you every step of the way.

To learn more, download our ebook on protecting your small business.

Kacie LaCombe leads the content marketing strategy for the Cloud Office business unit at Rackspace. She joined the company in 2014 and began working on the marketing team for Cloud Sites. After that, Kacie moved to the business operations team for Cloud Office where she had the privilege to be involved in all facets of the business from marketing content to project management.



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