Flexible Hosted Exchange Storage

Despite what some clothing labels may say, one size doesn’t always fit all. We at Mailtrust don’t believe that one Exchange mailbox size fits all either. That’s why we’ve introduced the concept of flexibility in the allocation of mailbox storage in the latest release of the control panel. This feature allows administrators to reduce the storage available to some users and reallocate it to other users. For example, I can reduce the default storage available to one of my team members from 2GB down to 1GB and reallocate that storage to another team member, giving them 3GB. This provides great flexibility in the allocation of storage and allows administrators to customize mailbox size based on the storage needs of each mailbox. This type of flexibility can reduce costs for our customers; perhaps eliminating the need to purchase extra storage.
If you are an administrator with a Hosted Exchange account, you can access this functionality in the control panel by going to “Add/Edit a Mailbox” under Exchange and adjusting the storage using the available slider.

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