Focus On The Apps, Not The Database

Managing a database is hard. It’s a time-consuming process that requires experienced tech specialists to work around-the-clock in order to meet the complex demands of provisioning, monitoring security and delivering creative solutions.

In the UK, there’s a growing need for vast database capabilities that traditional IT models are unable to accommodate. To meet these demands, we’ve partnered with Cloudant to offer customers a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution based on CouchDB and served directly from Rackspace’s UK data center.

Cloudant’s DBaaS is a managed service that helps developers eliminate the delays, costs and distractions that come with handling databases and their administration.  This local service allows customers to reduce the cost and complexity of managing a database on-site while providing flexible scalability, availability and performance. It also frees developers from the mechanics of data management so they can focus exclusively on creating great applications.

Cloudant joined the Rackspace Cloud Tools program in December 2012, making its NoSQL DBaaS available for web and mobile applications across the Rackspace Open Cloud. Through our new partnership, Cloudant’s DBaaS is available to customers and developers who want to host some (or all) of their data locally in the UK through the new Rackspace data center in Slough, Buckinghamshire.

The collaboration with Cloudant is significant for Rackspace as it broadens our scope to serve our European customers. It’s also notable because Cloudant offers the world’s first globally distributed DBaaS for loading, storing, analyzing and distributing application data. Developers using the Rackspace Open Cloud can easily select Cloudant as an application data layer that scales up or down on-demand as needed using a simple management interface.

Cloudant’s DBaaS is a win-win partnership for Rackspace that will help us bring world-class solutions to all of our mutual customers.

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