For Nirvanix Customers, Rackspace Is Here To Help

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Jerry Schwartz | September 27, 2013 9:44 am

You face a difficult decision in coming days – the press has reported that Nirvanix, your cloud storage provider, is closing its cloud services and you must decide where to take your data.

There’s no joy in seeing a provider like Nirvanix encounter tough times. Nirvanix customers, meanwhile, have a deadline of October 15 to remove data from Nirvanix’s platform.

Help From Rackspace

If you’re a Nirvanix customer, you can take advantage of free data migration to Rackspace Cloud Files and also receive the first month of Cloud Files storage at no charge (up to $1,500).

For details on this special offer, click on the following link[1].

Why migrate your data to Rackspace?

We have 15 years of experience hosting enterprise-grade storage infrastructure. Our Cloud Files[2] service offers highly scalable, redundant online storage for files and media of any size backed by Rackspace’s world-renowned Fanatical Support. Cloud Files is built on OpenStack to provide more flexibility and portability; and our RESTful API enables your applications to directly control your Cloud Files storage. On top of all that, the optional Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) can deliver media, videos and other data around the world swiftly.


At Rackspace, you can choose which platform best fits your storage and computing needs. In addition to Cloud Files, we offer a hybrid cloud[3] portfolio with many storage options, including: public cloud[4], Rackspace Private Cloud[5] and managed storage[6] (e.g. shared or dedicated storage area network, direct attached storage and dedicated network attached storage).

We want to be your trusted partner and make your migration and transition as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions at 800-961-2888 or check out our Nirvanix customer web page[7] to get started.

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