Future of Email – Data Portability Matters

Matt Asay ran an interesting post on his blog, The Open Road, last week.

It’s an interesting take on email, although we at Mailtrust might disagree with parts of it. Matt’s main assertion echoes Alistair Croll’s original article, saying that email has “become a record of what we do online and, as such, our in-box must fundamentally change or face extinction.” While that might be an extreme conclusion to make, the idea that the inbox is a central location where all the fragmented pieces of our online lives collide and converge is a sharp one.

And, that brings up some interesting questions around data portability and synchronization.

In many ways, our online lives (social media, etc.) make email more relevant; however it creates new challenges as well. Right now it is not very easy to sync data between the different devices and platforms you might use. This is an issue Mailtrust is paying attention to. If email is the place where all of our online activities meet, then it’s also the best place for us to develop smart ways to leverage the data – like making it portable.

That’s one of the reasons we recently released Source-To-Source Sync on Funambol Forge and that’s why we’ll continue to focus on simplifying migrations for customers, while continuing to expand the features and interoperability of our own Noteworthy and Hybrid offerings. Email will not face extinction. The reality is that it’s too critical to the workflow and lives of almost everyone around the world. But email must evolve in smart ways, and one of the immediate challenges is to ensure that we can intelligently connect the dots between email and the rest of our online lives, as well as those of our colleagues and friends.

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