Geekdom Opens In San Francisco: Get Involved In A Developer-Centric Workspace

Today, Geekdom San Francisco opens its doors to provide a new home for developers and startups alike. If you’re working on developer-focused opportunities, or are building something intimately connected to cloud computing, there’s no better place to be close to the action.

Operated under the Rackspace umbrella and inspired by the success of Geekdom San Antonio, Geekdom SF members will have the opportunity to work intimately with OpenStack, Rackspace and industry experts to move their companies forward. It’s no secret Rackspace loves developers, from developer support to developer discounts, and now a place to call home in San Francisco.

Geekdom SF is located on the ground floor of 620 Folsom St. in SoMa, in the same building as our San Francisco offices and Robert Scoble’s studio. As a member, you’ll have easy access to our engineers, and further mentorship from our own entrepreneurs who have built their own successful companies. Let your startup benefit by joining us here.

Members will also receive discounts on our cloud services, marketing opportunities, plus various other perks through the Rackspace Startup Program. We’re also building an environment that is both engaging and creative. From learning how to tune a bike, to volunteering in the community, to karaoke sessions; participation in our community extends beyond just product.

When Geekdom opened its doors in San Antonio in 2011, it quickly became a hotspot for technology enthusiasts. It created a mentorship program attracting talent from all across Texas and also became home to the Techstars Cloud program. Its formula for success has been to put in to the community as much as you get out of it.

That’s a spirit we’re carrying forward here in San Francisco. You should get involved and build something great here.

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