Get a Sneak Peak & Access to New Features from Scout App by Attending Today’s Webinar

Application monitoring has changed significantly in recent years.  With as quickly as customers want to create applications and deploy instances on the cloud, it has to.

Our friends at Scout App offered to do a webinar showing the ins and out of their monitoring application.  This takes place at 1 PM CST, so don’t miss out.  By attending, you’ll get special access to NEW features not available to anyone else currently! So please tell your friends so they can spend more time hanging out with you and less time setting up monitoring scripts.  You can get the link to sign up here.

Next week, we’ll feature a webinar with Suhail Doshi and the folks at MixPanel about analytics for the real-time web, which you can sign up for here.  Why do I think this product is so cool?  Because if you get TechCrunched, Slashdotted, or Dugg, you can tell when exactly what time the leads are coming, where they are coming from, when they come back and if they buy.  Sweet.

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