Get An Inside Look At The Rackspace ‘Castle’ Via Google Street View

Many people know about our Rackers’ passion for Fanatical Support and our unique culture. But few people have had the opportunity to visit our headquarters, the site of the former Windsor Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas – affectionately known as ”The Castle.”

That is until now.

Recently, we had a photographer come out to create an inside Google Street View of our HQ so our customers, friends and family – anyone, really – can get a virtual feel for what it is like to work at Rackspace. There’s a ton to see.

Did you know that Rackspace has a slide to help Rackers go from the second to first floor in style? Or that we have several gondolas that were part of the Sky Ride at San Antonio’s Brackenridge Park? Have you heard about our quirky themed conference rooms (Count Chocula anyone?)? What about our giant word search, which is the world’s largest according to Guinness World Records?

Working at The Castle is an experience, and one that changes and morphs overtime. Walking through our 1.2 million square-foot facility, I always run into something new and exciting. Our surroundings are always in flux, whether it’s the flags being hung above desks, art installations that the real estate team brings in to liven up some of our empty space or clever impromptu things that Rackers post around the office (some personal favorites: a calendar with the word “Hustlin’” printed on every day, printed Minecraft blocks lining the halls and funny things written or drawn on our chalkboard). Seeing so many creative things around me inspires me to volunteer my best each day.

And while what happens inside The Castle each day is motivating; the impact that the Rackspace headquarters is having on the surrounding community is equally inspiring.

The Rackspace Foundation has partnered with seven schools in the surrounding area, dubbed the Magnificent 7, and helps fund school- and afterschool-based programs. Rackspace also supports workplace mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and has 52 Racker Bigs meeting regularly with Littles from neighborhood schools. The Castle represents one of the world’s largest recycling projects, and, in a recent New York Times article, Graham Weston, our chairman and co-founder, revealed that we plan to break ground for a neighborhood park that will include gardens, trails, fields and a performance venue.

We invite you to take a step inside The Castle and explore our beloved headquarters. There is a lot to see!

If Rackspace looks like the place for you, we’re hiring – hop on over to for all our available positions.


  1. Had an interview there and would have accepted the opportunity if the position had been offered to me. Very disappointed but would be glad to discuss other opportunities as they become available. I am definitely still interested in Rackspace as they have an excellent reputation as a great company to work at!!!


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