Get in Order with SharePoint

Sometimes teams simply get out of control. Maybe there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Maybe people have no idea who the chiefs are. Maybe every time your team meets to discuss, they are all looking at different version of the same document.  Maybe you can’t find emails because your team has “reply-all” discussions that pollute your inbox with 20 emails each day. 

SharePoint is designed to help turn even the most chaotic teams into well-oiled, productive machines. 

One of the most basic and commonly used templates in SharePoint is the Team Workspace. Here, team members can share documents, saving older versions, and even use the Check-Out feature to ensure no one is working on the same information at once. Teams can assign tasks to specific users, so no one is confused about what to do, or with whom a decision lies. You can even set up team calendars that sync directly to Outlook, so you-know-who doesn’t have another excuse for not attending the weekly meeting.

Keeping all of your team’s information in one place can be incredibly valuable. It eliminates the conversations where everyone has a different answer to the same question. Simply say, “Check SharePoint” and there is the official answer you’re looking for. 

Stop worrying about how to make your teams more effective and save your money on hiring a Project Manager. SharePoint gets your team in working order by giving them one central location to manage multiple projects, share documents, participate in (and document) team discussions, and share information. 

Do you think that your team is too small, too chaotic, too busy to utilize SharePoint? Give it a try for free. You’ll never look back.  


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