Get Your Inbox Prioritized Using Flags

Is your inbox a disorganized mess? Mine used to be too. I would get an urgent email intending on following it up ASAP just to find days later it’s slipped under the email fold and out of memory. Or, even better, I’d get the very important email and swear I’d never received it because it didn’t stand out amidst the hundreds of messages sitting in my inbox.
This is why I’ve recently started using flags to help me out. But flags don’t really help unless you’re able to sort your inbox by those flags. When I sort by flags, even though I have over 600 messages sitting in my inbox, I can scan them quickly and at-a-glance pick out which ones I’ve determined are important, need follow up or immediate action by the colored flag.
The sort by flag is the icon between the envelope icon and the attachment paperclip icon to the left of each email message in your Noteworthy Webmail app. To add a flag, just click on the icon beside the selected message. By right-clicking on the flag, I can choose from red, green, purple, blue, or yellow flags to color code my inbox into a rainbow of organization.
For those emails that get pushed out of the inbox fold, I can hit the white flag in the blue column headings bar above the inbox and quickly pull all my flagged messages, grouped by color, to the top of the list. For me, the red flags indicate high priority, yellow means I need to handle it before the end of the week, green flags are information that needs follow up, and blue for items I’ve forwarded or replied to and need a response. I’m sure to other people the colors each mean something different than what they mean to me, but that’s why they’re so useful. With multiple color combination’s, I can create a task and reminder list right in my inbox and never forget about an important email again.


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