Getting Started With An Open Source GUI For Rackspace Cloud DNS

Filed in Product & Development by Major Hayden | April 12, 2012 11:54 am

Although DNS might not be one of the most glamorous services, it’s one of the most critical. Hosting your own DNS servers certainly isn’t trivial and it requires you to maintain your own highly available environments, keep up with security patches and tightly manage your configuration files.

Rackspace’s Cloud DNS[1] service takes care of the heavy lifting of maintaining DNS servers and allows you to query an API[2] to manage your DNS zones and their records. The deal is a little more sweet once you learn that the service is currently free of charge.

Writing scripts to query an API is surely convenient for automation but it might not be handy if you’re looking to make some quick adjustments to various domains. That’s why I started a small project[3] to make a graphical interface for the Rackspace Cloud DNS service. The project contains a small Python[4] application based on Flask[5], Jinja2[6] and python-clouddns[7].

All of the installation instructions and documentation is over in GitHub[8]. As of today, you can do quite a few tasks in the interface:

•    List all of the domains in your account
•    Add and remove domains from your account
•    View and edit records under each of your DNS zones
•    All of the record types supported by the API are supported in the interface

It would be unreasonable to write a post about a graphical application without a few screenshots:

Adding a zone


Adding records to a zone


Listing records in a zone


If you find bugs or think of improvements, feel free to open an issue in the GitHub project or start a pull request.

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