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Getting Started with RSS Feeds

RSS – “Really Simple Syndication” – is mechanism for website developers to publish headlines and frequently-updated content as a web feed.A web feed is a low-bandwidth, stripped down version of a web site that readers can subscribe.

Why should I use it?

Using RSS can save you lots of time on a daily basis. Let’s say you visit a collection of 5 tech news websites three times a day. Currently, you visit them one by one in your browser, look for a new story and then go on. Going through all 5 sites might take 3-4 minutes or more if you find a new article. With RSS, all you do is go into an RSS feed reader, or RSS aggregator, and you will instantly know which websites have new articles and which don’t. You will also be able to see past entries with RSS. If you were to only visit the website, you could miss an article if you don’t visit frequently enough or get bored of seeing the same article if you visit too frequently.

Using RSS

So now that you’ve got a grasp of the guiding concept behind RSS, you must be eagerly awaiting your first aggregation. First, go out and find a feed to use. If you are using Apple’s Safari browser or Mozilla’s Firefox you can automatically find out if that website has an accessible feed, even before scouring the page for an RSS icon. In Safari a blue RSS icon appears to the right of the URL in the address bar and in Firefox an orange icon appears in the same location.

A Few RSS Aggregators

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