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This post written and contributed by, Bill Harrison, President of Epicom[1], a Rackspace Cloud customer.

Epicom[1] builds and supports high-performance web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and through our partnership with the Rackspace Cloud, we also host CRM systems for a wide variety of industries.

Although we’ve worked with lots of CRM systems over the years, we love SugarCRM because of its flexibility, ease of use, and value.  Epicom has been a SugarCRM partner since 2006 and last year we stepped-up to Sugar’s elite Gold Partner status.

Incorporating the use of a CRM system into the daily routine of your company is the key to realizing the value of CRM.  Great system design is critical so that user’s can get their jobs done with minimal effort.  Training is also high on the list of critical success factors.  Epicom offers a wide variety of SugarCRM training programs designed to get you up and running quickly.

Here are a few quick and easy tips for CRM success:

SugarCRM Hosting

We love SugarCRM for its flexible deployment options. By hosting SugarCRM with Epicom, customers can tailor a hosting environment with the speed and security ideally suited to their business. In conjunction with the release of SugarCRM Version 6 Epicom is rolling out improved hosting packages designed specifically for SugarCRM users. Sugar 6 is the easiest-to-use enterprise-grade CRM on the market.  Taking advantage of its cool new features requires a hosting platform with all the power and performance that the Rackspace Cloud provides.

We use the Rackspace Cloud Servers[2] platform so that every SugarCRM customer has its own virtual server. In addition, we have upgraded to Rackspace’s new state-of-the-art data center in Chicago[3] with an off-site backup center in Texas. This yields far better performance and security compared to shared hosting environments.

Using redundant Rackspace Cloud Servers as the foundation, Epicom now offers a high availability service, which eliminates any server downtime. We also provide a four method back-up policy that includes application snapshots throughout the data to protect against data loss.

With the Rackspace Cloud providing the infrastructure, and Epicom providing application management, customers get carefree CRM performance at an awesome price.

For more information about Epicom’s new hosting platform, please visit[4]

To learn more about SugarCRM and the cool new features of SugarCRM 6, visit[5]

In this video, Senior Software Engineer for Epicom, Eric Wikman, discusses the advantages of Epicom’s hosting platform and the technical upgrades included in the expanded hosting packages.

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