Getting The Most Out Of Your Ecommerce Email Programs

If you run an ecommerce site, email is critical to your business. It creates the dialogue between you and your customers and keeps them informed. In most cases, it’s your most direct line of communication. Yet, so many ecommerce businesses use email as an afterthought, which ultimately hurts business.

For ecommerce, email is the communications medium of record. Order confirmations aren’t sent over Twitter, and password reminders don’t make it on your Facebook wall. Email is used through every step of the process – customers receive order details, product promotions, tracking information, loyalty discounts; you name it.

And for many ecommerce sites, most of those emails communications get sucked into the spam folder where they’ll never be seen; which ultimately leads to less sales revenue.

Email requires a delicate balance. There’s a fine line between engaging customers and disrespecting their inbox. Odds are, your customers already get enough email per day to drive them mad – don’t be victim of their itchy delete finger.

And in an effort to protect their users, email service providers will usher your messages to the spam folder abyss if they don’t deem your messages relevant and wanted. Google and Yahoo receive billions of emails per day, so when it comes to email, you’re typically considered guilty until proven innocent – don’t end up banished to the land of Viagra ads because email providers think you’re abusing your privileges.

It this blog series, we’ll dig deeper into some of the areas ecommerce sites should consider when working with email. These tips will allow you to strike the right balance between getting your message out, and over doing your most important communication channel. Each week we’ll look at a different area, including:

  1. Managing your reputation
  2. Making the most out of transactional email
  3. Managing your marketing emails without burning your customers out

Join us next week as we arm you with info to ensure that your email reaches its destination without being a nuisance.

Taylor is Director of Business Operations at Rackspace Hosting in charge of keeping the Mailgun ship sailing smoothly. Prior to his current job, Taylor was COO and co-founder of Mailgun which Rackspace acquired in August 2012.


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