Ghosts and puppets? At Rackspace? How Odd

Earlier this week, some interesting characters, and their entourage, visited the Rackspace Castle location in San Antonio. The program Perspectives, was on location at the former Windsor Park Mall to do a little investigative reporting. This was no ordinary news crew, however. In fact, to say that this crew was “unreal” would be an understatement.

Perspectives is hosted by puppets. Yes, you’ve read correctly, puppets. In this episode, anchor Laughn De La Croix becomes convinced that the old mall is haunted and his co-host, Rodney Grimes, knowingly allows the entire fiasco to unfold.

The show’s talent, crew and creators Bob Gambert, Jerrod Kingery and Pete Mills are the masterminds behind the show and use ‘historic’ (and aging) 3/4-inch-tape archive video from the San Antonio news station as the basis for each episode. Check out the full episode of Perspectives to find out what our friends uncovered.

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