Glimpse into Hackathon 7 Projects

Hackathon 7 is underway at the Mailtrust office and there are lots of interesting projects being worked on. I want to highlight just a few to show you they type of projects being worked on:

Please Note: Projects that are showcased as a part of this event may or may not make it into the Mailtrust product suite. The event is designed to spark creativity and promote innovation inside our organization. None of the information shown here is intended to infer product direction or future direction of our organization.

Forgot attachment or subject?

Mike Bulman is working on adding checks to Noteworthy Webmail that will alert you if you forgot to add an attachment or a subject line.

Noteworthy Webmail Mobile for iPhone

Khaled and Will Wolf are working on a new Noteworthy Webmail Mobile interface design for the iPhone.

Adding some fresh paint to the office

Bob Black and Amanda Swetnam teamed up to add some color to one of the new conference rooms we have in our office.

These are only a couple of the projects being worked on today—there are over 25 people working on projects today. There is lots of energy in the office and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple people trying to knock out more than one project today.

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