Glomper: Share Life Activities with Friends

Glomper is based in San Francisco and designed to help you easily find out what your friends and people nearby are up to, involve into their activities and share your own. Let people know where you’re going, or find out who’s already there through check-ins and the ability to RSVP. Flexible privacy means you can control who sees what you share.

“The problem is that all current services are about the present, and not about the future. If you would like to share that you will be available for a couple of hours to hang out, you can share this information with your friends,” says Alex Borodich, Chief Dreams Officer with Glomper. “We are trying to disrupt the time sharing economy, where all of your friends will be aware of your free time.”

Want to create your own party, meet up or dinner, and invite friends? Glomper makes it simple to plan, share and update your events and check who is going before they start. Once the party is started you can use Glomper Events app to post to Facebook any emotions, pictures and comments and this will become a part of the event timeline. The timeline is accessible via both web and mobile versions even after the party is over.

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