Go From A Cloud Beginner To A Cloud Big Timer

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Garrett Heath | April 26, 2013 8:45 am

If you are just getting started with the cloud, system administration or software development, Rackspace has a number of tools to help you go from a cloud beginner to a cloud expert. In fact, Stackdriver recently gave Rackspace an A+[1] as one of the best clouds for novices to get started on. We have a lot of resources as you begin your cloud journey.

The Rackspace Knowledge Center[2] is a great place to go for informative how-to articles and whitepapers. The information here is created by Rackers to help folks learn more about the cloud and our products. The Rackspace Open Cloud Community[3] is an excellent place to search for answers or to post a cloud question to the forum. Rackers and people outside of Rackspace offer answers and best practices.

Cloud U[4] is another  place for people to get knowledge of the cloud in general. Cloud U is vendor neutral and designed to give an overall better understanding of the cloud at a high level. Complete the online coursework and you can become Cloud U certified.

Rackspace has also created the Open Cloud Academy[5], a place for people to get hands-on technical training about the open cloud right here in San Antonio. The training helps offers a unique and affordable way to earn IT certifications that are in demand by employers.

Whether you are a novice or an old pro, Rackspace has the tools and training to help you learn more about cloud hosting. We can take you from a cloud beginner to a cloud big timer.

Check out this other video where we asked kids to explain the cloud[6]!

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