Go Ahead, Delete That Email.  I Dare You!

Email is the lifeline of most businesses. So, when someone accidentally deletes an important email, it can cause instant panic.
But, before you pull your hair out, let me assure you that we are here to help!
Our Noteworthy platform supports data restores directly through the control panel. In fact, we typically store your data on our servers for 14 days, even after you have deleted it. As long as you have your email set up to leave a copy of your messages on our server (meaning you use the web interface, an email client with an IMAP connection, or a POP3 connection that’s set to leave data on the server), then you can retrieve your data for a period of up to 14 days.
The best part is that, should you accidentally delete an email, all you need to do is contact your account administrator and they can initiate a restore through the control panel—all within a few clicks. The administrator can choose to restore specific folders, or the entire email account. Once a restore is initiated, it usually takes just minutes for the email to be restored to your account.
So, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve got you covered.



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