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Going The Distance With Hybrid Cloud

It’s been nearly a year and a half since we released RackConnect™ at Rackspace. As an enabler of hybrid cloud within the Rackspace Data Center, RackConnect has been adopted by an increasing number of our customers. In that time, we’ve learned that hybrid hosting offers some unique and powerful features. It creates a “canvas” upon which our customers can build out innovative architectures and solutions. It has also helped many of them achieve significant and meaningful results for their businesses.

So where do we go from here? Well, one direction is to move out. Literally. Move out of the Rackspace Data Center, and across to other locations where our customers have existing IT infrastructure. What I mean is that while hybrid cloud within Rackspace has several advantages and benefits, many customers have existing IT deployments and would love to connect those with Rackspace hosting and cloud resources to create a hybrid cloud over distance.

Given that need, I’m excited to release this whitepaper (download the pdf here), which is the culmination of the first phase of a proof of concept we’ve conducted at Rackspace with industry leading partners including EMC, Brocade and Masergy. We have explored one potential use case for hybrid cloud over distance – the Metro Area Hybrid Cloud, a cloud environment that spans a metropolitan area. By no means is this the only use case, but there was an opportunity to explore some new territory here, and we seized it. The whitepaper dives deeper into the particulars of the Metro Area Hybrid Cloud, and I’ll also be discussing this effort in greater detail this week at EMC World in Las Vegas.

This is exciting stuff, but there is more to learn before we are ready to release a product in this space. If this use case, or a similar one, represents a potential solution to a problem you’d like to solve in the near term, we would love to hear from you. We have a brief survey to gather some information from you about your needs. From those survey respondents, we will form a Product Advisory Council to help us build the next generation of hybrid clouds at Rackspace. Please follow the link below if you’d like to provide us some feedback or would like to be included for consideration in this Advisory Council.

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Toby Owen.

As the Head of Product Strategy for Rackspace International, Toby provides thought leadership and strategic direction around new technologies and product offerings, including Big Data, Cloud Federation and Hybrid Cloud. He leads a joint development project with CERN to federate OpenStack Clouds, and is responsible for the rollout of the Big Data Services portfolio of products internationally. He represents Rackspace to the international analyst community and technology industry, and leads the technical go to market strategy for new International markets. Toby has been with Rackspace for 4 years, and has over 17 years' experience in IT, across leadership, product development, technical, and operational roles. Prior to joining Rackspace he led the Web Services team for Wells Fargo Bank, with responsibility for internet banking infrastructure and support. He holds a bachelors of science in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin.

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