Google Study Investigates Perceptions about the Cloud

Google has recently conducted a study that confirms what we are seeing in the marketplace. More and more companies are moving to the cloud, even as cost is cited as a barrier by those resistant to change:

“Cost or budget issues were the primary factor reported as a barrier to adoption.”

Reviewing Google’s study, readers will quickly learn that those who have moved to the cloud cite value as one of the key benefits, including cost savings:

“Benefits to using cloud apps include value, availability, convenience, consistency across locations, better service, reliability, and simplicity of updates/maintenance.”

This apparent contradiction is a classic example of human nature’s ability to stick with the status quo well beyond its usefulness. And for this reason we consider the 1.4 million mailboxes we host as merely the tip of the iceberg.

Once upon a time factories produced their own electricity. Very few have the need to do so in modern times. Get in the cloud and start the next chapter in your company’s life.


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