Got Ideas?

Customer feedback is a huge part of our success here at Mailtrust. It’s how we built one of the fastest growing email hosting businesses in the world with over 900,000 happy users. And, as you can imagine, we want to continue that trend. So, we created a new way to get your ideas on how we can do a better job.
Meet Idea Central. Use Idea Central to vote for different ideas and suggestions from other customers, even some from Mailtrust employees. Or, if you have a great idea on how we can improve the service, submit your ideas. We’ll take all your feedback and use it to help shape the future direction of your inbox.
So, got an idea? Tell us about it. We are listening.

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  1. Thanks Rami for that idea and the perspective that you bring as well.  I think you have some great ideas and I’ll talk to our teams here further about them.

    I encourage you to use Idea Central to submit this type of feedback in the future, that way our teams can this information directly.  Just head over to


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