A Greener Outlook

Filed in by Lizetta Staplefoote | March 10, 2011 9:07 pm

Most businesses don’t run without computers. From desktops to data centers, computing power is a requirement of business. The power, space, and equipment needed to run all that computing power can represent a significant drain on resources. Add to that rising energy costs along with growing computing demands and efficient IT management becomes critical. Two major areas represent both the majority of the drain and easy ways to reap savings.

Workstation Equipment
Computers and monitors are second only to the lights in the consumption of energy in modern offices consuming up to 60% of the energy bill. Since you can’t turn off the lights, you can take some measures to reduce the energy consumption of the computer equipment in your office.

Power Management
Data centers use 40 times as much energy as a traditional office building while only using about 15% of their compute capacity. The chillers, pumps, and fans for cooling alone account for 35% of an average computer’s power.

These small changes can help you reduce your energy bill and slim down your environmental footprint. Use our Carbon Footprint Calculator[3] to analyze your businesses’ environmental impact.

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